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Below are some of the most common questions asked by our customers. If you need further help or have any enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us via email on enquiries@thespecsfactory.co.uk or via telephone on 01603 613671.

What is The Specs Factory?

The Specs Factory is a family business that has an emphasis on professional service with a personal touch. Founded in 2007 by John and Duncan Hockney, we have three branches in Norwich, Ipswich and Chelmsford. We offer Opticians services in Norwich and Ipswich and Dispensing Opticians services in Chelmsford.

Where are your glasses produced?

All of our glasses are made in our own state-of-the-art lab in Norwich.

Why use The Specs Factory?

Unlike most online spectacle retailers, we have actual branches that you can visit in person. All glasses purchased on the The Specs Factory website can be taken in to one of these branches for free fitting and adjustment. It's this personal touch that we believe makes a difference. We pride ourselves on excellent, competitive online service and we boast over 100 years of combined optical experience within our company so even if you can't visit our stores you can rest assured that you will get a personal and professional service from our online team.

How quickly will my glasses be delivered?

We aim to have your glasses with you within 6 working days of placing your order. As some products can take longer than others to produce, we cannot guarantee to achieve this with every pair of glasses. You will be given an estimated delivery date on your order confirmation. We guarantee to supply all orders within 28 days. If we don't get them to you within this time we won't charge you for them.

How will my glasses be delivered?

If you choose our standard delivery option then your glasses will be delivered by Royal Mail recorded delivery. If you choose one of our premium delivery options the Business Post will deliver your glasses. All packages will need to be signed for so please make sure that someone will be available to sign for your glasses at the delivery address.

Can I talk to a real person about online queries?

Of course. Simply call our dedicated customer free phone number on 01603 613671.

Will my glasses come with a case and cleaning cloth?

Yes. Every pair of glasses comes complete with a hard case and a cleaning cloth, free of charge.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. We have a 28 day, no quibble, money back guarantee on all products purchased through our website. Please note that we cannot refund postage and packaging costs.

* To get a refund, simply return your glasses (with a copy of the receipt) and we'll refund the cost of your glasses to the account or card that you used to pay for them. Please note that returned products must be returned in the condition they were supplied to you in. For full terms and conditions of supply click here.

I wear varifocals/ bifocals. Why can't I choose these as a lens option?

You can - but you have to visit one of our branches in either Norwich, Ipswich and Chelmsford. This is because bifocals and varifocals require very specific measurements to be taken with you wearing your chosen frame - something that obviously cannot be done via the website. For further details, please contact our branches on: Norwich 01603 613671, Ipswich 01473 273964, Chelmsford 01245 348178.

Do you have any more frames in store?

Yes. All of the frames that you can see on the website are available in store and there are many more models available in our branches including designer brands. If you want to know more about the additional frames that are available in store please feel free to contact your nearest branch: 01603 613671 (Norwich), 01473 273964 (Ipswich), 01245 348178 (Chelmsford).

Can I use my contact lenses prescription to make my glasses?

No. Because your contact lens prescription differs from your spectacles prescription, we cannot get all of the relevant information. Your optician keeps copies of all of your prescriptions so if you've mislaid yours simply give them a call and they'll supply you with a copy. If you don't have a spectacle prescription then you'll need to have a sight test before you can order prescription glasses from us.

I don't want prescription lenses in my glasses - I just want to wear them because they look good.

Some of our customers simply want glasses as a fashion accessory. If you require plano (no prescription) lenses then simply leave the prescription boxes on the ordering page blank and we will supply you with plano lenses. Please note that all the extra options, including tints and coatings, are still available even with plano lenses.

You say that I must give you my 'current' prescription. Does this mean that it expires?

Yes. Most individual's eyes need to be tested every two years to see if there has been a change in prescription. Some people, particularly those with a family history of glaucoma or diabetes, require an annual recheck and this is usually shown on your prescription. For this reason we are not able to make up spectacles for you if your prescription is older than two years (or one for those of you on a one year recall).

If you think you may be due for an eye check then we recommend that you contact your optometrist and arrange a sight test before bringing your prescription to us.

What are PDs?

PD is short for Pupilary Distance. It simply means the distance between your pupils centres. Your eyes are usually measured independently. Your right PD is the distance from your right pupil centre to the middle of your bridge and your left PD is the distance from your left pupil centre to the middle of your bridge. When wearing glasses you get the best visual performance from them when the optical centre of the lens is lined up directly in front of your pupils. We can often use an average measurement but this is not appropriate for all prescriptions. We recommend that you ask your optician to provide you with your pupil distance measurement. If you do not know your pupil distance measurement please leave 'User Average' in the pupil distance drop down box. If we require further information to process your order we will contact you. All of our staff in our branches are trained to take all the necessary measurements for your glasses so if you are ordering in store then you do not need to bring your PD measurement in with you.

Can you ship to outside the UK?

At present we do not supply glasses to any addresses outside the United Kingdom.

How do I know if my frame is in stock?

Simple: if you can see it on our website, then it's definitely in stock.

Do you accept NHS vouchers?

Yes -- but only in person, within our branches. We are unable to accept them from our online customers.

I can't read the writing on my prescription so I don't know what to enter.

Sometimes it can be difficult to read or understand your prescription, particularly if they're hand-written. If you have any doubts then please contact one of our customer services team by e-mail or telephone and we will advise you on the best course of action. There is a good chance that we will request a scanned image (or even a digital photograph) of your prescription.

I'd like to return my glasses. How do I do this?

Please post them to
The Specs Factory Online
1 Europa Way
Martineau Lane