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Specs party huge display of frames
Specs party customers having fun choosing their new glasses and sunglasses

The Specs Party by The Specs Factory

The glasses party concept had been designed to give spectacle wearers an affordable, convenient and most-of-all enjoyable way to choose glasses and sunglasses.

Taking inspiration from the Tupperware concept a spectacle wearer will host a glasses party with the assistance of a 'glasses party' rep. They can invite any relatives, friends or colleagues who are interested in glasses or simply want to catch up with the host. The party could be during the day or in the evening and can fit around the host's requirements.

The glasses party gives spectacle wearers the chance see the latest glasses and sunglass styles in a comfortable environment with their friends, family or colleagues.

With the support and back-up of The Specs Factory's network of branches customers can be satisfied that they are using a reputable company. 'Specs party' customers are entitled to take their glasses to any Specs Factory branch for adjustments or replacement parts.

How does it work?

Anyone can host a glasses party. We liase with the host to book an appropriate time for their party and assist them with preparing invitations. The host will earn a generous amount of 10% of the total spend as credit towards their own glasses.

Not only do we give you the unique opportunity to choose glasses in a comfortable environment with the help and opinion of their friends and family. But we also giving you the chance to make huge savings at the same time. The Specs Factory already saves wearers up to 40% compared to high street prices and 'The Specs Party' will offer further incentives including, for example, free coatings and tints.

If you're interested in hosting a specs party then please call Duncan on 01603 662863.